Dentures are used to help solve problems that happen when patients start to lose teeth, whether we remove them or they fall out. After removing one or more teeth, a person’s mouth will start to shift, making changes to your mouth and your face!

For this reason, we offer complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are for when all of your teeth are missing, and partials are for when you still have a few teeth.

We also offer both conventional and immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are made prior to removing your teeth while conventional dentures are made afterward. Then it takes eight to twelve weeks to get them.

Complete (Full) Dentures

This removable denture is made to replace all of the teeth in top and/or bottom jaws once they teeth removed and the tissues have healed completely which may take several months. Dentures made of a custom pink acrylic with white acrylic teeth selected specifically to your desires. Complete dentures are to be taken out at night in order to allow your tissues to recover and to allow for proper cleaning for the denture(s).