Cosmetic composite (white) fillings are the fillings of choice for Dr. Brooks and his staff. You no longer have to worry about having a cavity fixed with an unsightly metal filling. White fillings are custom matched to your existing tooth color and blend into the existing tooth structure seamlessly. Dr. Brooks can also use white filling material to fix front teeth that might be crooked or smaller than it should be known as a “Peg” tooth. Metal fillings have a history of being a good option to restore cavities, but over time can break down, start to leak, cause fractures in the natural tooth and become unsightly. This does not happen with white fillings because they are bonded to the natural tooth structure and completely seal the tooth. That is why Dr. Brooks chooses white fillings for his patients.

As with all other dental treatment just because a tooth has had a filling does not mean it never has to be cared for again. That is why we encourage all of our patients to continue to care for their teeth and gums with regular checkups and yearly x-rays.