Dr. C. Brandt Brooks

Dr. Brooks grew up in Eastern Kentucky and, after graduating from Prestonsburg high school, went on to attend Georgetown College where he received his BA in Psychology with minors in Chemistry and Biology. Dr. Brooks worked as a dental assistant while in college and eventually followed his dream of becoming a dentist by attending the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. After graduating in 2011 from dental school Dr. Brooks started practicing in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. In 2013 Dr. Brooks became the Dental Director of a public health clinic in Hays, Kansas. After Dr. Brooks and his wife, Charis, had their son Beau they decided to move back to Kentucky to be closer to family and found their home at Downtown Dentistry. Throughout his dental career, he has always relied upon his simple practice philosophy of treating his patients with respect, honesty and compassion.

In dental school Dr. Brooks received awards for his excellence in restorative dentistry and from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry for his advanced experience with dental implants. Since graduating from dental school, Dr. Brooks has sought out experience in both emergency dentistry and preventative dentistry. While in Kansas Dr. Brooks gained first-hand knowledge of the power of preventative and whole health dentistry. Dr. Brooks would often work hand in hand with his patients’ medical providers to develop a custom plan for each of his patients to ensure that each and every one of their individual needs both oral and systemic were met. Dr. Brooks understands that your mouth and body are not two separate entities, but are tied hand in hand and directly affect each other. He also understands that, when caught early enough, most dental problems can be stopped or repaired before they become painful and costly.

Aside from dentistry Dr. Brooks is passionate about barbecuing and being outdoors fishing, boating, riding dirt bikes and ATVs, mountain biking, or simply just out mowing the grass or walking the dog. Dr. Brooks also enjoys learning about history and science in general. However, what brings Dr. Brooks the most joy in life is spending time with his wife Charis, their son Beau, their Daughter Lilly, and their dog Julep.